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Vegeta throws away his pride

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As Gohan was having trouble handling Dabura, Vegeta got irritated and asked Kakarott to bring his son down so Vegeta could fight and finish Dabura.

Vegeta (1): “Look, bring your him (Gohan) down. And I will finish him (Dabora).”

Kakarott (2): “Just give him (Gohan) a little more time. It is not like he is completely lost or something! Why not let him fight? He is hanging in there.”

Vegeta (3): “Dabora is toying with him (Gohan). You (Kakarott) know that, come on!”

Vegeta (4): “Why should I sit around all day acting like this? I could end this in five minutes, if I wanted to! I’m not here to play GAMES, Kakarott! Or create NICE father-son memories. I am here to win! Stop pretending. Knock all these sentimental rubbish. The strongest one is the one who should do the job. I am the one should be fighting, and not him (Gohan)!”

227th episode of DBZ.

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